Wing Touring Shell

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Product Specifications

Weight 38
Beam 2' 3"
Centerboard Down NA
Displacement to DWL 255
Draft to DWL 3 1/2"
DWL (Datum Waterline) 15' 10"
Length 17' 6"

Wing Touring Shell

1) Configure it as a single shell for rowing around the bay or lake with ease and speed.
2) Have a passenger? No problem! Move the seat forward and put the passenger in the back for water taxi service or to have someone to enjoy your rowing with.
3) Passenger wants to get in on the fun? Put a second set of stretchers and seat in and really haul the mail! Composite materials and sleek design make it strong, light, and durable, and provide remarkable performance.
4) For even more care-free boating, or for situations where oars don't fit or aren't maneuverable enough, remove the shell's seats and stretchers and configure it as a one or two person open kayak. It's light enough to be very effective in this configuration, and will still carry both paddlers in comfort and safety, or a single paddler with a full load of camping gear.

Available in Fiberglass or Carbon Fiber/Kevlar.

41 lbs, 17.5' Length